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When the museum tour becomes a journey back in time.

The Traktormuseum Bodensee provides the opportunity to go on a journey back in time through country life over the past century.

Life back then – See it today

Walking through the museum is like a journey back in time through country life in the olden days. Everywhere there are things to be discovered: Here's an old school, there's a shop with household articles, here's a petroleum shop, there's an old laundry with all kinds of washing machines and equipment, as well as pressing irons of all types.

In this corner you can see everything related to the theme of coffee, and in the next corner there's an old toy shop - older visitors are reminded of things from their youth. Younger people are amazed at how everything used to be done by means of hard physical labour.

School from the 1940s
School from the 1940s
Each period
The appropriate ambience for each period
Household shop
Shop for all kinds of household articles
When washing clothes was very hard manual work...
Pressing irons for charcoal, spirits, gas... from the time when ironing clothes was an art form
Petroleum shop, containers, lamps, stoves...
Spritzen aller Art
Sprays of all kinds

Our opening times 2018

Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 to 17.00. Closed on Monday.

Our opening times
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